Friday, October 15, 2010

Things I am thankful for

Some days I find myself so bogged down with all that has or can go wrong that I forget to reflect on the good things. I have to say I am one lucky lady and I need to focus on that MORE often. So today I decided to list some things that I am very thankful for...

1. A husband that loves me and our children with his whole heart and soul, and who works SO hard for all of us.

2. Two amazing children that bring me more joy then I can even explain.

3. A loving and supportive mother in law who never treats my husband like a "step-son" and loves my kids so very much.

4. Parents who made me who I am today(the good and the bad,lol) who have become amazing grandparents.

5. A sister who takes care of my kids like they were her own while I am at work, who gives me the peace of mind I need to go to work and focus on my day.

6. A job I enjoy and that gives me the opportunity to grow daily

7. Amazing friends(you know who you are) who support me daily and who listen to my crazy rants and raves.

These are just a small sample of things I am thankful for today and every day

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