Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The love of books

Since I was a small child I have always LOVED to read and loved books. Even before I was pregnant we started building our collection of children's books for our future children's library. Reading is  something I had always hoped my children would enjoy as well, and from a very young age we have read to Elayna(and now Nathan) every night before bed. And last night I realized that my daughter loves books and reading just as much as I do.

I always thought Elayna asked for "just one more story" as a way to delay bed time, but last night I told her that if she wanted to read a book before bed she had to hurray and clean up her playroom, well the child moved faster then I thought was possible. When I asked her which book was he favorite she responded with "all of them", which just warmed my heart. Any time we are out shopping and I offer her the chance to get a prize, she ALWAYS asks for a book.

I hope and pray that Nathan will develop this love for books and reading some day too. Last night as my baby girl and I snuggled up on her bed to read before bed, i felt tears come to my eyes when she told me that "this is the best part of my day mommy", man that little girl amazes me more and more everyday!!

I look forward to the day that the 4 of us all snuggle in at the end of the night for family story time, it truly is the little things that make life so wonderful.

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