Friday, October 29, 2010

As they grow

When I dreamed of being a mommy I dreamed about all the stuff I wanted to share with my kids and teach them. Little did I know that they would probably teach me way more then I would ever teach them. They have taught me what it's like to love someone so much it hurts, they have taught me that sometimes the little things mean the most, and they have taught me that I really had know idea what it was like to feel so blessed until I had them.

Being a mom has made me appreciate my own parents more then I could have ever realized. My parents worked HARD to give us a good life. They worked hard to teach us right from wrong and they encouraged us to become independent and strong people.

I hope that some day my kids will look back and appreciate all the little things that don't seem to matter now but some day they will realize we did them out of love.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lifelong friends

So this past weekend I had a "girls day" with my college roommates. We try to do this a few times a year and it's always a wonderful break!

We went shopping, to the day spa, out to lunch and then back to a friends house for snacks/drinks and some girl talk. We have been through alot of ups and downs together and I know no matter what these girls are always here for me.

This weekend was a last hooray before one more of us becomes a Mommy, just another journey that we are all sharing together.

On my way home that night I thought about how lucky I am to have such wonderful,loyal and caring people in my life. These girls are true lifelong friends and I am forever greatful!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have always loved to cook, started at a very young age with my grandmother and have loved it since. But now that I am a full time working mommy of 2 it's not as easy to prepare meals as it used to be. I am lucky and my husband is not a picky eater at all and I really like to try new things.

So I have decided that I am going to start the crock pot adventure. So many friends have told me how much they use and love their crock pots, so I am on the hunt to collect, try and perfect as many crock put recipes as I can. So if you have any great ones to share or sites to suggest please let me know. As I find things that work and that i love I will be sharing them.

So happy cooking or maybe it's happy crocking??

Friday, October 15, 2010

Things I am thankful for

Some days I find myself so bogged down with all that has or can go wrong that I forget to reflect on the good things. I have to say I am one lucky lady and I need to focus on that MORE often. So today I decided to list some things that I am very thankful for...

1. A husband that loves me and our children with his whole heart and soul, and who works SO hard for all of us.

2. Two amazing children that bring me more joy then I can even explain.

3. A loving and supportive mother in law who never treats my husband like a "step-son" and loves my kids so very much.

4. Parents who made me who I am today(the good and the bad,lol) who have become amazing grandparents.

5. A sister who takes care of my kids like they were her own while I am at work, who gives me the peace of mind I need to go to work and focus on my day.

6. A job I enjoy and that gives me the opportunity to grow daily

7. Amazing friends(you know who you are) who support me daily and who listen to my crazy rants and raves.

These are just a small sample of things I am thankful for today and every day

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The love of books

Since I was a small child I have always LOVED to read and loved books. Even before I was pregnant we started building our collection of children's books for our future children's library. Reading is  something I had always hoped my children would enjoy as well, and from a very young age we have read to Elayna(and now Nathan) every night before bed. And last night I realized that my daughter loves books and reading just as much as I do.

I always thought Elayna asked for "just one more story" as a way to delay bed time, but last night I told her that if she wanted to read a book before bed she had to hurray and clean up her playroom, well the child moved faster then I thought was possible. When I asked her which book was he favorite she responded with "all of them", which just warmed my heart. Any time we are out shopping and I offer her the chance to get a prize, she ALWAYS asks for a book.

I hope and pray that Nathan will develop this love for books and reading some day too. Last night as my baby girl and I snuggled up on her bed to read before bed, i felt tears come to my eyes when she told me that "this is the best part of my day mommy", man that little girl amazes me more and more everyday!!

I look forward to the day that the 4 of us all snuggle in at the end of the night for family story time, it truly is the little things that make life so wonderful.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What are the right words..

Last night my husband and I were trying to figure out how to explain death and dying to our 3 year old, not a fun conversation. There really isn't any way to pleasantly explain to a small child that someone they know and love will no longer be around.

Without going into to much detail, our family is preparing itself for the death of a loved one. The thought of having to explain death to a child, the thought of taking away their innocence is heart breaking no matter how you think about it.

If you are someone that prays, please pray that our loved one does not suffer, and please pray that the news is as painless as possible to deliver to a small child

Monday, October 11, 2010

Love watching them grow

 Now that my daughter is getting older she is starting to develop real friendships. Before now she used to just play with cousins or friends from daycare, but now she is starting to have her own "real" friends. Watching her grow up and develop these friendships is exciting and funny to see. Right now her "besties" are a set of twins we met last year at dancing, Elayna would be happy if she could play with them everyday. This past weekend we took all 5 kids to a local fair and just by coincidence all 3 girls ended up in the same outfits. All day people asked if they were triplets, nope just twins and a bonus I like to say!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

In the blink of an eye

It's amazing how quickly time can pass when life is going at break neck speed. Five years ago today Jim and I became husband and wife and it seems like just yesterday we were planning for our big day.

In the last 5 years we have had our share of ups and downs but the ups out number the downs ten fold. In those short five years we have built our own house, had 2 amazing kids and grown closer and stronger then ever before. Oh don't get me wrong it hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine but we stuck together through thick and thin. And honestly I couldn't have asked for a better husband, partner or father for my kids.

I looking forward to many more years together and if they are anything like the past five years they will be amazing!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The power of PINK

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and in support of that I am trying to wear a little bit of pink every day. Even if it something small like a pink necklace or a pair of pink earrings. I have never personally lost someone from breast cancer but to many of my friends and loved ones have. My husband lost his aunt/godmother/second mother to breast cancer.  Jim's Aunt Barbara lost her battle with cancer years before we met but I know that he misses her every day.

So in light of the loss of too many wonderful women and men to this disease , please take any chance you have to spread awarness.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pure love

When Jim and I decided we wanted to add to our family I felt a mix of emotions. On one hand I couldn't wait for Elayna to have a sibling to share her childhood with, but on the other hand I worried if she would feel "less" loved since she was used to being the center of our world.

All through my pregnancy with Nathan we tried to make Elayna a part of everything. She helped us pick his name, helped decorate his room, picked out special clothes and toys for him. We did all that we could to make her feel like this was her baby as much as ours. But can you ever really prepare a 3 year old for a life changing event??

When Nathan was born and Elayna came to the hospital to see us she seemed so nervous and hesitant. Looking back I think it was the actual hospital environment itself that made her so nervous. But soon after we were home we could see that she loved that baby just as we had hoped and dreamed.

As time passes and Nathan grows and changes it's amazing to me how amazing Elayna really is with him. She wants to take care of him and share with him  and be a little mommy to him. He is the first thing she asks about when she wakes up, he is the one she wants when she is sad or hurt. Just the other night she tripped and fell right on her face. When I asked her what I could do to make her feel better she wanted to hug Nathan she said " the baby makes me happy" and it just melted my heart.

She has such pure love for that baby. Makes me so happy to see them together, the love they share is amazing. I am fully aware that they will have their share of fights, arguments and days filled with "I hate yous" but right now the love they share makes me heart happy every day.

I just hope and pray that some day they will share the love and friendship that I feel with my sister.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Growing up

So my baby girl is not such a baby any more =/
She had what I am sure will be the first of many sleepovers with her cousin Hailey last night, and she could have had more fun. They had a perfect girly girl sleepover. They had dinner, got manis/pedis, watched a fairy movie and even took baths is a big jacuzzi tub. Now that I think about it sounds like a pretty good night to me too.
She was so excited all week talking about sleeping over and how much fun they were going to have, and it lived up to her expectations and then some!

We are so lucky that Elayna has a few cousins close in age that she will be able to grow up with and share special times. Makes me so happy to see her and Hailey together, not only are they cousins but they are also the best of friends.

Now would someone please tell my baby to stop growing up so fast!