Sunday, January 16, 2011

We are moving right along

with this 365 project. Some days are easier then others I'm not going to lie. Some days there are a million moments I would like to capture, then other days I wonder if anyone wants to look at pictures of Elayna in time out, Nathan fussing and me holding my head! But all and all I am really enjoying trying to capture our every day little moments!

(1/10) Elayna in her mismatched pj's
(1/11) She loves to watch herself in the mirror

(1/12) Our snow day activity

(1/13) Such a sweet boy

(1/14) Coloring time
Saturday I went out for a girls afternoon to look for First Communion dresses with my sister and niece
(1/16) We went to a special 1st Birthday party today, Elayna loved the carousel

 I really need to make sure to take more pictures of Nathan,even if he hates the camera

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am so behind on posting...

So this post will be picture packed!
 She calls it using her "computer"(1/6)

 So this is a slight cheat, I didn't take this picture. But it's rare that I am ever in a picture, so this is why I cheated (1/7)

She wanted to make pink cupcakes so bad, maybe we read Pinkalicious to often! (1/8)

 And to think when I got out of the shower and my bra was missing I blamed the dog! (1/9)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

365 is not as easy as I thought

So when I thought about doing a picture 365 I thought it would be fun and easy. Well not even a week into I am already feeling the pressure. I mean I have cute kids(well at least I think so) but getting good, sharable pictures is NOT easy. But I am determined to keep up with it. So I am going to try and post every few days and we will see how it goes!

On monday nights Jim drops Elayna off to me at work and we hang out before dance class, she loves coming to "mommy's work" and playing around when no one else is around.

For monday I am going to add two pictures cause I love this one as well. Monday was the first night Nathan took a bath in the "big boy seat" as Elayna call it, and she held his hand so he wouldn't be scared

Tuesday nights we always go to my parents for dinner and I forgot to bring my camera. So when we got home and got the kids to bed I realized I forgot to take a picture. So I snuck into Elayna's room and took this picture of my first baby sleeping

Last night Jim and I were trying to get the kids to bed early cause it had been a long day. Elayna insisted that she couldn't go to bed till she showed us some of her ballet moves. So this is Elayna doing her arabesque

It seems like I have alot of Elayna the last few days so i will have to make a point of taking more of Nathan for the end of the week! Enjoy

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pictures, pictures pictures

So like alot of my blogging friends I have decided to do a Project 365 this year. Now bear with me cause I am just learning my new camera(and my life is not all that exciting). But I think it will be a great way to learn my camera and capture fun moments in the year!

So here are pictures from the first 2 days of 2011
 Elayna wanted to lay in Nathan's bed with him! (1/1/2011)

Jim and Elayna being goofballs at breakfast(1/2/2011)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I am not sure how the time got away from me so quickly. It seems like we were just getting ready for Halloween and now Christmas is this weekend.

Elayna is so excited about Santa and making cookies to leave out for him(he likes pink ones best she told me). Nathan is still way to small to understand Christmas but we are excited to celebrate our first Christmas as a family of 4. Christmas is such a magical time of year with small kids. All the excitement and joy and wonder , makes me think back to Christmas past from my childhood.

In the New Year I am hoping that we can continue to build many many more amazing memories as a family!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Gone so long

Sorry I have been gone for so long(well that is if anyone even reads this stuff)
But life has been busy and crazy at our house these days. We had halloween, and then Elayna had surgery on top of all the other day to day craziness.

The kids had fun trick or treating on halloween and my Snow White and Dopey where a super cute pair if I do say so myself!

Also just recently Elayna had surgery to correct an umbilical hernia. I have to say as a parent one of the hardest things I have had to deal with so far was watching my poor baby lying on the operating table. It just broke my heart. Luckily my daughter is one brave little girl and did really well and is healing like a champ!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

As they grow

When I dreamed of being a mommy I dreamed about all the stuff I wanted to share with my kids and teach them. Little did I know that they would probably teach me way more then I would ever teach them. They have taught me what it's like to love someone so much it hurts, they have taught me that sometimes the little things mean the most, and they have taught me that I really had know idea what it was like to feel so blessed until I had them.

Being a mom has made me appreciate my own parents more then I could have ever realized. My parents worked HARD to give us a good life. They worked hard to teach us right from wrong and they encouraged us to become independent and strong people.

I hope that some day my kids will look back and appreciate all the little things that don't seem to matter now but some day they will realize we did them out of love.