Thursday, January 6, 2011

365 is not as easy as I thought

So when I thought about doing a picture 365 I thought it would be fun and easy. Well not even a week into I am already feeling the pressure. I mean I have cute kids(well at least I think so) but getting good, sharable pictures is NOT easy. But I am determined to keep up with it. So I am going to try and post every few days and we will see how it goes!

On monday nights Jim drops Elayna off to me at work and we hang out before dance class, she loves coming to "mommy's work" and playing around when no one else is around.

For monday I am going to add two pictures cause I love this one as well. Monday was the first night Nathan took a bath in the "big boy seat" as Elayna call it, and she held his hand so he wouldn't be scared

Tuesday nights we always go to my parents for dinner and I forgot to bring my camera. So when we got home and got the kids to bed I realized I forgot to take a picture. So I snuck into Elayna's room and took this picture of my first baby sleeping

Last night Jim and I were trying to get the kids to bed early cause it had been a long day. Elayna insisted that she couldn't go to bed till she showed us some of her ballet moves. So this is Elayna doing her arabesque

It seems like I have alot of Elayna the last few days so i will have to make a point of taking more of Nathan for the end of the week! Enjoy

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