Sunday, January 16, 2011

We are moving right along

with this 365 project. Some days are easier then others I'm not going to lie. Some days there are a million moments I would like to capture, then other days I wonder if anyone wants to look at pictures of Elayna in time out, Nathan fussing and me holding my head! But all and all I am really enjoying trying to capture our every day little moments!

(1/10) Elayna in her mismatched pj's
(1/11) She loves to watch herself in the mirror

(1/12) Our snow day activity

(1/13) Such a sweet boy

(1/14) Coloring time
Saturday I went out for a girls afternoon to look for First Communion dresses with my sister and niece
(1/16) We went to a special 1st Birthday party today, Elayna loved the carousel

 I really need to make sure to take more pictures of Nathan,even if he hates the camera

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