Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pure love

When Jim and I decided we wanted to add to our family I felt a mix of emotions. On one hand I couldn't wait for Elayna to have a sibling to share her childhood with, but on the other hand I worried if she would feel "less" loved since she was used to being the center of our world.

All through my pregnancy with Nathan we tried to make Elayna a part of everything. She helped us pick his name, helped decorate his room, picked out special clothes and toys for him. We did all that we could to make her feel like this was her baby as much as ours. But can you ever really prepare a 3 year old for a life changing event??

When Nathan was born and Elayna came to the hospital to see us she seemed so nervous and hesitant. Looking back I think it was the actual hospital environment itself that made her so nervous. But soon after we were home we could see that she loved that baby just as we had hoped and dreamed.

As time passes and Nathan grows and changes it's amazing to me how amazing Elayna really is with him. She wants to take care of him and share with him  and be a little mommy to him. He is the first thing she asks about when she wakes up, he is the one she wants when she is sad or hurt. Just the other night she tripped and fell right on her face. When I asked her what I could do to make her feel better she wanted to hug Nathan she said " the baby makes me happy" and it just melted my heart.

She has such pure love for that baby. Makes me so happy to see them together, the love they share is amazing. I am fully aware that they will have their share of fights, arguments and days filled with "I hate yous" but right now the love they share makes me heart happy every day.

I just hope and pray that some day they will share the love and friendship that I feel with my sister.

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  1. In my family we have a saying that the best gift you could ever give your child is a sibling. There are five in my family and each of my brothers and sisters add so much to my life. We have cousins who are only children and the differences in the hard times (losing a grandparent, parent,etc.) and the good times (having a baby, wedding, etc) made me want to give Ellie at least one sibling.