Thursday, September 23, 2010

Isn't being a mom hard enough

I often wonder why moms are so critical of one another, isn't being a mom hard enough without constantly feeling judged? I know there are times that I read emails, blogposts,facebook updates or stories online and think "wow, so not something I would do,say or encourage" but that doesn't mean I feel like I am a better mom then anyone else.

I know there are many times I have felt judged for the parenting choices I have made. But in the end as long as my kids are healthy,happy and feel loved that is all that matters to me. So next time I read something that I don't agree with I hope I will take a minute, step back and try to see something from another mother's view.

Being a mom is really hard work, and I feel like we could all do a little more to be supportive of one another and a little less judgemental of one another.

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