Thursday, September 16, 2010

Five years later..

Next month Jim and I will be married 5 years, when i say it out loud it seems like a short and a long time all at once. One one hand I feel like Jim and I have been a couple/pair/unit for so much longer then 7 years(2 before we were married and 5 years married) and on the other hand I hope we have many many more years together. In those years we have had our fair share ups and downs, but I can say without hesitation that the ups out weigh the downs any day.

I have never met another person who understand,loves and believes in me the way that Jim does. In 5 years we have made our house into a real home, we have had 2 amazing children and built a life I can say for certain that we are both extremely proud of. When I think back over the years there are tons of amazing memories we have made together and I look forward to a future of many more memories as a family of 4.

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